Spring into Easter

Easter is a time when eating is something that is pretty much part and parcel of the holiday season. Yes, of course, there will be chocolate but more so than just the sweet affairs, there will come times when you will want to make a feast for the entire family (or just yourself), which is why I have come up with some recipe ideas to keep everyone happy.

My aim is always to get everyone sitting round the table together, enjoy great food and even better conversation, Easter is an opportunity for everyone to get together. So whether it is family you’ve been meaning to see since the New Year, or friends you haven’t had a chance to catch up with as often as you’d like, then I have the perfect meals for you. I will be sharing my recipes that will deliver the ultimate comfort food as well as dishes to wow your guests, all without spending too much.

Obviously being vegan does not mean that you can’t have chocolate and everything else that is associated with general over indulging, however, what I have in mind is something that meets healthy and tasty, without being overly unhealthy or calorific. I have a very healthy outlook on food and think it is important that you find the balance in life, which means that you don’t need to be so hard on yourself if you eat more one day than another or vice versa.

So, what vegan Easter eggs can we be expecting to see on the shelves this year, well in the next few weeks, I will be selflessly eating my way through Easter Eggs to source the best eggs available. I have already spotted a few deals from Holland & Barrett, which means you can get one Easter Eggs half price when you buy another one, which for my UK readers I strongly suggest you heading down there.

I will be showing you all of my shortcuts to perfect party food, as well as what makes a great centre piece at a party, that will feed everyone without leaving you broke.

I will be back with lots of Easter ideas and treats within the next few weeks, so stay posted and as usual, send your comments in of what you would like veganised for Easter.


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