That’s Amore…

One of the main reasons I love eating pizza is because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, yes as a 90’s child, I grew up watching these 4 turtles eating pizza and naturally assumed it was a cool thing to be doing with your spare time. Several years later and here I am still being cool and eating pizza. Being vegan, pizzas are hard to come by, well tasty pizza that is. However, this evening I appear to have stumbled upon a very well-kept secret….Basilico.

Not only are their pizzas delicious with a thin crust and a wonderful vegan cheese that was melted perfectly, they also managed to marry these two great attributes with a third…amazing vegetable selection. I had two pizzas, a Margherita and a veggie pizza, both delivered greatness.
The vegetable pizza created the most blissful dining experience, as I could not get over how delicious the vegetables were and why I had never thought to use this selection of vegetables on a pizza before! The vegetables were aubergine, courgette, red pepper and red onion, the courgette being the star of the show for me. The depth of flavour on this pizza is something I will never forget, it is without a doubt the best vegan pizza I have had to date.

As for the Margherita, aside the cheese and tomato working effortlessly well together, the basil really worked as a subtle background taste to the original, classic combination. I also loved the fact that they were both cooked in a wood fired oven, and this was evident from the way the dough was cooked and the superb crust.

Basilico have other options which are vegetarian but can be made vegan, which you can find by popping to their website. I would really recommend trying this veggie pizza though as it was phenomenal.
I urge all my readers who are in London or travelling to London to try these pizzas, they are such authentic and tasty pizzas, I think I may be ordering many more soon!

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