Food of The God’s

I don’t need to remind my readers how much I love Greek food or Greece itself for that matter, so I shan’t. I will just start by saying that I have had a wonderful Grecian food encounter and as always, it was a delight. The restaurant that I am referring to this today is a wonderful place – Bluez Souvlaki, they are a friendly, quaint restaurant, with a relaxed and open vibe, like the way I would expect to eat in Greece.

I had a Lahanika Souvlaki, which consists of mushrooms, pepper, courgette and red onion with a generous seasoning of oregano served in a pitta, it was paired with chips, that were chunky and bold, also seasoned generously with herbs and I also opted for a salad, which blew me away. It was packed full of flavour and health, and that is exactly what I thought as I was eating it.

The souvlaki was exceptional, the combination of vegetables worked so inspiringly, it was such a great way to showcase vegan food, by simply allowing the vegetables to do the talking, they were grilled perfectly with such a great intricacy when it came to seasoning them so well, that the flavours of the herbs did not overshadow the flavours of the veggies. I really loved it, the chips were bold in flavour, with such wonderful crunchy exterior, with the most wonderful seasoning. I could have eaten more of these chips, and more. They were moreish, to say the least.

I think that is one of the most wonderful things about this place, the menu is not vegan, however, the vegan options are so delicious, that there really should be more, but there is plenty to be eating for now. The pricing is more than fair, especially as they are within walking distance from Liverpool Street and have such a wonderful setup.

The seating is arranged so that you can look out whilst you eat, which if you have the time to eat in, will soon allow you the pleasure of watching the world go by, whilst you enjoy the feeling of being temporarily in the Mediterranean. This is a hidden gem and a must for those wanting a vegan snack that won’t break the bank!

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