Soup-er Foods

Soup is amazing, it is not only for when you are ill and need a liquid form of nutrients, it is for when you want to show your non vegan friends how delicious food is without the use of carcass, it is also for when you want a hearty meal but in a smooth consistency. It’s a wonderful thing.

I received a box of wonders from Tideford Organics, a company who has ditched the meat and opted for a vegan approached to soup (bravo, bravo), whilst being extremely poorly, which in a way was great timing. I am pretty sure that these soups are the reason I am still alive. I say this of course, with slight exaggeration, however, these soups are so delicious and packed with everything that you could possibly need to keep you going when you are hungry. Perfect for lunch times, or dinner.

I really liked the beetroot soup as for me this had such a different taste to the soups I usually eat, though the sweet potato and miso soup was also not to be missed.
I am so impressed with the way that this company decided to go entirely vegan, I am really impressed with all companies who are making it more accessible for vegans to eat their foods, but when a company turns entirely vegan that deserves a round of applause.

The soups are really thick and have so much goodness packed in to them, that when I was ill I really did feel that they perked me up, they have so many soups in their range but the best one for  dinner time soup I would say for me, would be the ‘Super Greens’, which consisted of seaweed, spirulina and quinoa and is really filling and scrumptious. You could even have it for lunch over 2 days, which works out super cost effective and also, really great for the body.

As the entire range is vegan it means that you don’t have to check each individual soup, which if you’re like me, is a good thing, as I spend so much time in supermarkets searching products for their ingredients labels, so this will definitely spare you a good 5 minutes.

All in all if you want a healthy all vegan soup brand then head for Tideford Organics, you’ll see them in most local supermarkets and if you have any questions, their staff are always on hand to help you out.

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