Bagel Bliss

​Bagels are a great go to for lunch, they are tasty, they are filling and the best part for me – you can put whatever you like in them! If you are like me however, you can opt for someone else to do this for you and deliver it, so that you really can just enjoy the beauty of the bagel, without the crumb avalanche in the toaster afterwards.

It is hard for me to order bagels or any other sandwich at times, purely because the shops that I’m talking about haven’t learnt the ability to slather, quite the way I do to create a good eat. However, this isn’t to be said about The Bagel Factory, as they slathered away with houmous, then generously added avocado, cucumber and a colourful ring of red pepper completes this, momentous lunch statement.

You obviously don’t have to order your food, you can pop down and get yourself a vegan bagel, they also have a vegan breakfast option of banana and peanut butter, which sounds like heaven to me, I will update when I have tried this. For now though, get yourself down to your nearest branch and try them out for yourselves.

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