Athenian Eats

​Even the name ‘The Athenian’, has a majestic sentiment to it. It sounds proud and bold. The food did not disprove this. I had the vegan mushroom wrap which was blaring with flavour, it was so bold that it made me want to eat another one… so I did. I had a Greek salad with it, which was prepared without the feta for a vegan sensation.

Growing up I went to Greece almost every summer, from main land to islands, I love Greece, the people and the food. The main thing I loved about being in Greece as a child was that everything I ate tasted explosive which each mouthful and the flavours have always been dear to me, the other thing that I loved was the way in which families would sit down and eat together, which I think is one of the most beautiful things to see.

My aim is to make people not only love vegan food, but love it enough to make time to sit down with their nearest and dearest and share the experience. This most definitely will be the case, if you sit down with a meal from these guys.

They have a few vegan options and when speaking to the Founder & Director – Efythmios, I am of the understanding this may expand, which obviously would be amazing to see (and eat). I also learnt when speaking to the wonderfully kind Efythmios that the pita bread is made in Athens and then imported to London, which makes me understand why it is so perfectly textured! The mushrooms used to make the vegan wrap are grilled with Greek herbs such as oregano and thyme and then perfectly balanced with lemon, salt and pepper, for that authentic Grecian taste we all know and love! All of the dips are hand made, including my favourite – aubergine! The fries are cooked in rapeseed oil which acts as a healthier option and given a generous sprinkle of oregano, Greek oregano of course!

This meal took me back to my childhood and I am so delighted that this was the case as I often have been disappointed with ‘authentic’ Greek restaurants in the past. There are tonnes of ways you can get your hands on their food and if you hop on over to their website, you’ll be able to find out more about their company and what it is that they are doing to create such great tasting, truly authentic Greek cuisine. 

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