Hurray for Hummus Bros!

​Hummus Bros make exceptional food! That is what I would like to point out first and foremost. The food that I received from them surpassed my expectations ten fold. Not only was the food super fresh, which for those who know me and have read my previous reviews will know, is a big thing for me, when receiving food. The flavours were just so precise and vibrant, I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

Let me start by running through what I had on my plate(s),  I had 3 dips, hummus and chickpea, guacamole and smoked aubergine, they came served with carrot sticks and flat bread. Then I have a sweet potato falafel wrap which came with gluten free tortillas and this was all rounded up nicely with a falafel and quinoa salad.

The meal itself was super healthy, which is nice, I don’t like to order food to find that it arrives in a puddle of grease, or that makes me feel unnecessarily weighed down afterwards. This meal was filling without all of the bloated feeling of unhealthy food.

It was clean food, this is why I believe the tastes of the dips were so fresh. I genuinely could taste every element of each dips, the hummus by the way was to die for, obviously being names ‘Hummus Bros’, you would expect them to have their hummus down to a certain standard but I believe the word I used to describe it at the time of eating it was ‘regal’ and regal it was, perfectly smooth, light hummus, paired incredibly with the gluten free chips, the carrots and the bread.

Smoke aubergine dip is probably one of my favourite things of all time, Moutabel (as I have grown up calling it), is one of my all time favourite things to eat. Which is why finding a good version is such a rare treat for me. Their version had me so happy, I danced my carrot sticks into it, I even ate it straight with a spoon, I am aware this may be slightly to intense for some but paired with the bread or the carrots, it really is just absolutely piquant!

The guacamole, was refreshing because it had texture with cubes of tomato running through it, this worked best with the carrot sticks. I loved this also with the gluten free dips, which may I add, was a great guilt free treat, on their own!

The sweet potato falafel wrap was beautiful,  not only did it incorporate my favourite smoked aubergine dip (much appreciated), it also had tomatoes, lettuce, coriander, onion, cucumbers, hummus and of course, the sweet potato falafel. It was such a great combo and so filling, one of those meals that you finish feeling entirely replenished.

When it comes to the quinoa and falafel salad, this had more hummus in the box, which made me so happy, I love when there are little surprised and that Hummus Bros adapt their menu to suit vegan preferences, at no extra cost! Fantastic! The salad comes with quinoa, lettuce, salsa, falafel and obviously, the hummus. This again had taste all the way through every element. The quinoa was delightful, it had such depth. I loved this it worked so well to take a bite of the wrap and then a mouthful of quinoa salad, whilst dipping some falafel in the hummus. 

I would 100% recommend Hummus Bros for a night in, not only was the food perfectly cooked and freshly prepared, it was tasty, healthy and there was reasonable priced. If your order through their website you will receive the following promotions when using these codes…  HB10/1ST:  £10 off the first delivery order,  minimum order of £30 and M100/20: 20% off for orders over £100.

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