What’s Cooking?

​I have been so busy these last few days trying to catch up after being away from blogging for a few weeks, I have been working on some recipes for some really lovely dinners that are perfect to be enjoyed throughout the week. I love to make quick no nonsense food as I feel this is what is most needed in order to be practical during the week. I will always encourage my readers to make time to sit down and eat their food properly, this is why I don’t want to give you lots of recipes that will take an age to make. I am aware that there may be special occasions when you will perhaps want to spend a little longer cooking, but for the every day meal, I believe as long as the food is delicious, healthy and cruelty free then there really shouldn’t be any issues.

Some discoveries I have recent discoveries that have made meals slightly more interesting. If you have already read my post about Oatly products you will know that I highly rate them and have had such a great time making different meals with their products, so don’t  be surprised if you see their name pop up in the ingredients section of a few of the recipes I will be posting. Also, Meet The Alternative have a great vegan mince which makes wonderful Lasagnes, Bolognese and Shepherds pie, which I will be posting the recipes for also.

I am currently perfecting a few of the recipes and writing up the changes and additional extras, as I think it’s nice to let my readers have the option to splash out if desired. I did have the intention of cooking my food and showing this via YouTube, which is something that I will be doing my very best to do before too long. 

For now, I would really like my readers to comment and let me know what kind of foods they would like to see me incorporate in to these recipes, are there any veggies you want to eat more of but also wish to be disguised, or is there a certain dinner you want to cook but just don’t have the time. Drop me a mail and let me know, I will be covering a plethora of cuisines and aim to make cooking fun and enjoyable for all! Check back this weekend for the first of many recipe posts!

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  1. Is that a lasagne? It looks good! 😋.

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    1. Yes, it is. Vegan lasagne, I will be posting the recipe for this at some point this week. It is so delicious with home made garlic bread and a salad 🙂

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      1. One of my favs…I will definitely look out for your recipe, thanks 😃

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      2. Thanks, I hope you try it and enjoy it, you’ll have to let me know what you think!

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