Love for the Mayo!

​I can completely and unashamedly confess – I LOVE mayonnaise. Since becoming vegan I have toyed with the idea of making my own mayo and at times have tried and made quite a delectable version, however, when it comes to the comfort that I would feel (before becoming vegan), from coming home and opening a jar of mayo and slathering it across my sandwiches, this is not to be said about coming home, finding a charger to keep your tablet alive, whilst, you rifle through your cupboards looking for ingredients and all of the components that make your blender.

It is for this reason, that I have searched far and wide for a decent tasting, good consistency mayo, that tastes non vegan but hasn’t non vegan nasties in it. The long awaited answer is PLAMIL. Yes, well is it any surprise that a company that has been going since the 1960’s have cracked the vegan mayo requirements. I have been tasting my way through the range and for me, other than the plain mayo, (which can be used to make the most incredible pasta salads), the garlic mayo and the green chilli mayo were just exceptional. The flavours came straight through, from both of their respective ingredients. They have great texture, which means that instead of the other runnier forms of mayo the vegan market has to offer, this can be used in sandwiches without making the bread soggy!

I have used these products to make a variety of pasta salads, potato salad and used them in sandwiches and even on the side of the plate with chips. The can really add a punch too your meals.

They do also have a chocolate range which I briefly mentioned in my blog before Valentine’s Day but then became poorly, so didn’t have a chance to elaborate on. I will be showing the recipes of what you can make with their chocolate range, especially as they have such a great mint chocolate, which is my absolute favourite. Make sure you head back to the blog in the new few days to see my new recipe ideas.

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