Oatly Oatly Oatly!!!

Oatly! Ah, these guys really have got a vegan range to turn heads. I cannot wait to start using it for my non vegan friends, I genuinely believe that these are the kind of products that will make a non vegan think twice about buying dairy.

The crème fraiche is where I am going to start my hyper ramble. I am starting here because I have made such wonderful things with the crème fraiche and  am now looking forward to experimenting with it some more. I really loved the way that the crème fraiche was so rich in flavour and was such a beautiful alternative for a béchamel sauce on my lasagne. I will be putting a recipe up for this but ever has discovered there are so many things you can do at the products I will need to dedicate another blog purely to recipes. I had originally planned to make a cheesecake with the crème fraiche so this will also be a recipe that will be available on a Blog that will come at a later date.

Moving on to the custard which is so good you can eat a bowl of it by itself or my personal favourite bananas and custard, which my Nan used to give to me as a child! I am also going to be  making a vegan ice cream with this custard so watch this space! I really liked this custard because it was really fragrant of vanilla but without over powering the taste, it is one of the best vegan custards that I have had to date.

I also, used their cream to make a potato topped, creamy pie with leeks,brocolli and peas, which was so delicious and unlike other cream alternatives, this cream is rich but goes a long way,which means it is more cost effective than other creams I have used before.

The Oatly drinks are nice, they have an oaty taste which works so well for hot chocolates and coffees etc., but it also makes the most amazing cereal companion. I also had the chocolate oat drink which had a good amount of chocolate flavouring, again like the custard, this didn’t over power the drink, which made me really happy as I find sometimes with vegan chocolate alternatives they can be super sweet with no real similarity to chocolate in the taste. This however, was not the case for Oatly. 

I really don’t want to make my review overly cheesy because I am aware I have the ability to ramble and get very emotional about food, I will urge my readers  to try their products if you can get your hands on them though, as I really recommend them! As I stated earlier in this post, I will be dedicating a new post to Oatly recipes, as I believe there are so many options for cooking with these ingredients, until then…let me know what you think of their products if you have tried them. Also, let me know if you cook with their products and if so what works best for you.

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