Boost Your Protein

​Recently I have been introduced to the world of Boost Ball, these 7 ingredient wonders, are packed full of protein and they are absolutely delicious. Obviously aside from being absolutely delicious and giving you a daily protein boost, they are really healthy. Not to mention the cute pouches and packaging that they arrived in!

Now, at the moment not all of their balls are vegan but the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Maple & Cinnamon most definitely are! The Mint Chocolate Chip, pack a super minty punch, whilst the Maple & Cinnamon are a calm and intricate equilibrium of flavours, that are so good, it is impossible to believe they are so healthy.
I have also been speaking to the creators of these wonders and they have advised there should be more yummy flavours that will be veganised in the near future, so will be keeping you updated on these as soon as I am told.

If you are looking for a vegan protein boost then these really are a great way to help with those ‘#gainz’ and they are so satisfying that I still felt like they were a ‘naughty’ treat, even though, they are utterly full of healthy ingredients. 

They make great little snack and 3 in a pack is just enough to satisfy your needs as well as make your protein levels soar!

I will be blogging about easy ways to meet your vitamin and minerals needs whilst being vegan soon because I think it is one of the biggest concerns people having about becoming vegan, trust me, it is really not that difficult!

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