Oodles of Noodles

​I recently had a wonderful meal from Neds Noodle Bar. They promise a healthier way of eating and I really can’t fault them on their food. I am a big fan of Asian food and I rarely find that ordering these days leaves me feeling satisfied, however, this was quite the opposite. The flavours were fantastic, the noodles were cooked to perfection and I loved that they arrived in cute little boxes like you see on Friends (huge Friends fan).

Started with 2 classics vegetable gyoza and spring rolls, both were pretty damn delicious but for me the gyoza was exceptional, it was packed full of flavour and had the perfect texture. Dipped in some spicy chilli sauce it was a knock out first round! They were just enough to get the taste buds flowing ready for the main event, which was nothing but delicious and spicy, just how I like it!

I had 2 different noodle dishes for main, you can customise them however you like, which meant I could take out the things I don’t really eat, such as– vegetables in sweet and sour sauce on rice noodle, which was really tasty and I liked how the noodles were cooked, I’m quite fussy when it comes to rice noodles), they packed such a great flavour and when I added some extra kick, with the chilli sauce, it really gave this dish a punchy flavour that I could not resist devouring. 

When it came to the udon noodles – a particular favourite of mine – these were just incredible. I love tofu and since being vegan I have tried tofu in so many restaurants, I genuinely couldn’t tell you how much tofu I have eaten since being a plant based piglet, but it is a lot! Ned’s tofu was so tasty, which I am sure most people are aware can be difficult with tofu. I think that may actually be why so many people are put off of tofu because their first experiences with it are not great. Well, if you haven’t yet tried tofu, or are a dubious tofu tester, I recommend going to Ned’s for a really yummy version of this spongey goodness!

All in all a good little take away for me! I recommend this for a romantic night in with a Netflix or Amazon viewing, would be perfect for Valentines as it is super tasty, quick (delivery 30-40 minutes) and the adorable packaging it arrives in, is perfect for a sofa snuggle, without having to worry about your waistline. Super healthy food and extremely tasty. Give them a go, you won’t regret it!

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  1. eatnotized says:

    Must be Delicious..


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