Life is like a box of (vegan) chocolates….

​I thought I would write a feature for the soon approaching Valentine’s. You may want to try your hand at baking or cooking, take your loved one on a night out, or if all else fails and you are not a culinary master but still wishing to impress, then there are take away solutions also, don’t you worry about that!  

I obviously am well qualified to taste chocolate as mentioned in previous blogs, however, when it came to a 3 layered box from Kinnerton’s that was mint flavoured, I genuinely had to lay down to eat them, as it was an assault course of calories. They were so delicious and they look so cute in their box as well, perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year you want to love yourself, or others. They also do quite a nice chunky bar of plain vegan chocolate which does not fail to satisfy either. Both the box of chocolates and the chunky bar are quite easy to get your hands on in Holland and Barrett or local supermarkets will often stock them also.

When it comes to cooking for your Valentine or yourself, a decadent feast laden with chocolate and all that good stuff, you want to be heading in the direction of Plamil, this is because their chocolate is so good to cook with, I genuinely have just made up recipes, just so I can cook with it! They have a great range of chocolate and their Orange Chocolate is so good, that all of it didn’t quite make it’s way into cooking, as I ate it. Honesty is key. 

Their chocolate drops are perfect for making your loved one a cake or even something slightly more decadent such as a hot chocolate with half a chocolate bar in. Yes, I am aware this is probably not one of my healthiest blogposts, but chocolate is chocolate and Valentines is all about chocolate, flowers and whatever else you can concoct that says ‘I love you’ like no other day of the year…. good luck?!

I will be guiding you through your options with littles nudges on how to stay ahead this year, that is why I will be posting some fabulous recipes for dinner and dessert at home, some great gift ideas (all vegan of course) and the best restaurant in London for Vegan Valentines. Whether you want a quiet night in or a big night out, I am on hand to guide you all through this period!

If you have any suggestions of restaurants or recipes that you think will make a great addition then please feel free to get in touch.I will be giving you some great tips on how to plan the perfect meal.

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  1. Arghhh I want chocolate now! 😈


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