Lunch with a Punch

​When it comes to lunch, wherever you are eating it you need to make sure you do! I am aware that lunch time can sometimes get lost in the day, but please make time to eat, as it will make such a difference to your energy levels. I prefer to make food that doesn’t require reheating in a microwave because it is really not a healthy machine to be using for your food.

If you do not like cold food for you lunch, then you will need to use an oven to reheat, I will never recommend my readers to reheat using the microwave.

Here are 5 perfect lunch ideas that do not require heating up and will leave you feel full but not overly bloated, as no one wants to spend the next 4 hours feeling sluggish.

Spinach, Beetroot and Violife Rolls

Ingredients – 

1 x cooked beetroot

1 cup x spinach (washed and drained well)

4 slices x Violife (any vegan cheese will do)

Black pepper for seasoning

1 x crusty roll 

Method – 

1. Cut roll in half, but the top of the roll to the side for now.

2. Place the spinach on the bottom of the roll.

3. Slice the beetroot and place this on top of the spinach, season with black pepper.

4. Add the cheese slices on top of the seasoned beetroot.

5. Place the top of the roll on the sandwich and push down firmly, to ensure nothing escapes.

This is a perfect lunch for all of those people who need something tasty and satisfying the black pepper works so well with the beetroot and the cheese and spinach compliment each other also. 

Barbecue Cheese and Cucumber Wholemeal Roll

Ingredients – 

2 slices x vegan cheese

2 tablespoons x barbecue sauce

5 slices x cucumber (peeled)

1 x wholemeal roll

1 teaspoon x vegan butter

Method – 

1. Cut the roll in half, spreading the vegan butter on the bottom of the roll.

2. Slice the cucumber finely and place this on top, then add the cheese and top with the barbecue sauce.

3. Place the top of the roll on firmly to ensure that nothing makes its way out of the roll before you have eaten it.

Cranberry and Brown Sauce Crackers with Cheese

Ingredients – 

4 x vegan cheese slices

8 tablespoons x cranberry sauce

8 tablespoons x brown sauce/barbecue

8 crackers

Method –

1. Divide the crackers in to 2 piles of 4.

2. On one of the piles add the cranberry sauce and set aside.

3. On the remaining 4 add the brown sauce.

4. Cut the cheese so that there enough slices to cover each cracker.

Enjoy this as a treat, that you can eat pretty much anywhere, if you want to make your own cranberry sauce which I highly recommend the recipe can be found here.

Fruit Salad

There is no recipe for this as there are so many fruits you can mix together to make a great lunch. I think it is best to show you some of the varieties that I like to inspire your own fruit salads. The best thing is that you can prep the fruit wherever you are, which means you can buy the fruit on the way to work.

Cheese and Pickle Sarnie

Ingredients – 

½ cup x vegan cheese (cubed)

2 tablespoons x vegan butter

2 tablespoons x pickle

2 slices x seeded wholemeal

Method –

1. Butter both pieces of bread on 1 side.

2. Add cheese to one side and pickle to the other side.

3. Slap the sides together.

It doesn’t even really need a recipe but it can’t be missed of the lunch suggestions. You can’t beat a cheese and pickle and sandwich, I used to eat these on the way to work, then find that for lunch I would have to go and buy myself another sandwich, if in doubt, double up!

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