Green Bay Adventure

Late last year, I made my way to Green Bay in West Kensington, I had heard a lot about the store from other IG accounts and blogs and thought it might be worth a pop along, to see what goodness could be discovered. 

I had not anticipated the variety that would be available and although I knew that they did stock a few of my favourite brands such as Plamil and Vbites, I did not quite realise how many things were available.
They had so many options for vegan cheese and meat style options that it really became hard to choose which ones to try. I have eaten Violife cheese since the beginning of my plant journey and really have never thought to look at any other brand – but with this shop offering so many options, I remember the saying – ‘variety is the spice of life’, and for someone such as myself, where food is equivalent to my very existence, this was a time to opt for a broader mind. I did however, also get some Violife Mozzarella which made a wonderful cheese and avocado sandwich.

Tofurky being a brand I have heard so much about but have never managed to get my hands on, however, they had so many of their products I opted for the bacon which I later turned into a BLT.

Sweets and Chocolate have their own place in the shop and rightly so. I have eaten Moo Free Chocolate for a long time now, but discovered the Cranberry and Hazelnut bar here. It is beyond delicious. It is probably the best chocolate bars I have ever had and this is coming from a person who at the age of 6, would skilfully open the bottom of the advent calendar, slide out the chocolates, devour them all and then slide the tray back in. Propping the calendar against the wall, I would then hide the fact the bottom had been tainted, opening each window daily to mask my indiscretions, with the previous memoir appreciated this means I am pretty much a chocolate connoisseur  – okay? Back to the chocolate – I am so infatuated with this brand and this bar in particular is something you need to try.

As for sweets, I usually am more of a savoury person, apart from when it comes to Goody Good Stuff, their sweets are so tasty and they are always in my basket, where ever I can find them. I also managed to grab a vegan soya Whipped Cream, which made a wonderful hot chocolate, I also bought some Plamil Orange Chocolate Spread, which I added a touch of to the hot chocolate, for the ultimate Yumfest!
The prices were reasonable and there was such a great selection that it really was a worthwhile trip. I will definitely be heading back down very soon for some more vegan essentials.

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