Go Vegan

It’s the New Year, which means most people are going to be suggesting that they will stop an old habit or start a new hobby, which is great if they happen but as we all know – they rarely do.
If you want to do something that not only will increase your health but will help to save the environment, at the same time as also put an end to the barbaric killing of millions of Earth’s residents, then going vegan is a one stop shop.
All you need to do is stop buying products that aren’t good for you, in other words, other animals. It is not normal to be drinking the milk of another animal, milk is for mothers to feed their young, not for your cereal. When it comes to the idea of having no meat on your plate, think about how much goodness you will be getting instead.
I am here to talk all of you newbie plant eaters through what it is that you need to do, starting with watching 1 of 2 documentaries, Earthlings or Cowspiracy, by the end of watching this, there should be 1 of 2 discoveries, either you are now becoming vegan or you have no soul.
If you’re still reading this… then you clearly have a bountiful soul, that is ready to be nourished with some plant based goodness, so let’s get started….
What has to go?
It goes without saying all meat, fish and seafood have to go, dairy products are gone too, cheese is a no go, so are eggs and anything that has dairy, eggs or animal in. We’re also throwing out the beige, this is because we are cleaning out all the yuck. So let’s go at it hard from here, okay?
What can be eaten?
Vegetables and fruit, are obviously now the main part of your diet, however, nuts are also in the mix and brown rice, pasta and bread, will follow. You also want to start eating red potatoes. This may sound pretty basic, but actually most of the things you are already eating are in this section. If not then please see below.
What vegan replacements are available?
Everything you are thinking about that is not vegan, there is an alternative too, so email me with your cravings and I will happily direct you to a vegan alternative. Milk, cheese, butter, cream, custard and even eggs, are all replaceable. Still thinking about the meat section of your plate? Then there are hundreds of meat alternatives and they are so delicious, that you won’t even need to think about eating animals again.
What are the benefits of being vegan?
Waking up with a clear conscience is a great benefit. The other benefits, will most definitely include your health, as there are no animal hormones floating around in your body, no horrible bits of animal pus,  without these nasties in your diet, your body will be feeling so much better because you are eating the vitamins and minerals your body has been asking for the whole time.
You don’t have to eat salads every day, you have your 5 a day with added yumminess, I have tonnes of recipes that I will be posting this month for a kick start to the year as a vegan.
The planet will thank you for it as well and animals are able to live, without being fed crops, that could be feeding other humans,  who are starving due to the meat industry. It really is the only way that this planet can live in harmony.
Who are the Vegan Community?
They are a bunch of lovely plant eating people, who will help you with any queries or advice you need. I have been overwhelmed at how friendly everyone is.
I am often entertained by reading comments from meat eaters saying that vegans are aggressive. I really am aware this may be one of my more ‘to the point’ blog posts, but it is considerably less harsh than killing an animal, just because you’re having a dinner party.
All lectures aside, I really do want as many people to go vegan for January as possible. I truly believe if you can do it for a month, you can go vegan for life. Give it a go and if you are already vegan, then help spread the message.
This month I will be posting recipes to help you on your journey to plants, that really won’t break the bank and will most definitely fill you up.
Red Potato wedges, whole wheat couscous with carrot, mixed leaf salad, with avocado and beetroot with a pomegranate and chilli dressing, Moroccan Falafel, Lemon and Coriander and Moroccan spiced houmous. If this isn’t enough, I added some baked whole wheat seeded tortillas, to form a flatbread rose.  Recipes will be uploaded every weekend, in order to give you a chance to get all of the ingredients for the following week. Get it? Got it? GOOD.
Good Luck on your vegan journey, it will change your life forever and you will feel so much better!

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