Minted Pea Open Sandwich

I have always been a fan of open sandwiches, they rely on vibrancy to sell the sandwich and for this recipe I think I have achieved a wonderful green open sandwich that will work beautifully. The sharpness off the mint cuts through the taste of the peas, giving it a super fresh taste.

Everyone knows that pea and mint go hand in hand and this sandwich is no exception. I’ve chosen to go with a medium sliced bread for this, you are welcome to go thicker, but you want  to choose a bread that can handle a bit of sauce, without falling apart, so I wouldn’t recommend going any thinner!

I like to eat this cold, but if you want to heat up the stuffing then this is fine too.

Ingredients – 

2 slices x wholemeal bread (crusts cut off)

½ cup x peas (cooked/frozen is fine)

2 tablespoons x apple cider vinegar

½ bunch x mint (chopped)

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Method –

1. It does not matter whether you have already cooked your peas, or whether they are frozen, you will still need to place them into a pan with the vinegar and mint on a really low heat, just to allow the flavours to infuse. This should take no longer than 3-4 minutes. If your peas are frozen it may take a little longer.

2. Taste and season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

3. Toast the bread until golden and crisp.

4. Slather the toast with the minted peas.

You can eat this with a much or little decorum as you like, you can add spinach also if you want to make it extra green!

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