Super Seed Sarnie

​First of all, I’d like to say how excited I am about this section of my Festive Feast blogs! I would like to think of myself as quite the left over sandwich genius, as for many years now, I have been making unbelievably good sandwiches for my friends, family an of course…myself.

It first started when I was younger, that I have a very good friend, who would normally come to my parents house on Xmas Day or Boxing Day, sometimes slightly, if not completely inebriated, I would try to find a great combo for him to munch on, before allowing him to snore effortlessly on the sofa until morning.

Story time over, back to the serious stuff, today my sandwich of choice to launch this amazing section has to be cranberry sauce, rocket, seed roast and vegan mayo on thick seeded wholegrain. It’s a messy sandwich, but the rocket carries the goodness I need and the left over seed roast is so delicious cold, that this is so quick to make and you can get away with eating a few of them!

It may seem slightly condescending to advice you guys of how to make a sandwich,  but I assure you, this is scientific to ensure no sliding of contents!

Ingredients – 

2 slices x left over seed roast (I use Vbites)

1 cup x rocket (washed)

3 tablespoons x cranberry sauce (recipe available on blog)

3 tablespoons x vegan mayo (I use Plamil)

2 slices x vegan wholegrain bread (seeded is good)

Method – 

1. Take the 2 slices of bread place the mayo one slice and the cranberry on the other.

2. Add slices of seed roast to the mayo side.

3. Add rocket to the cranberry side.

4. Place rocket and cranberry slice on top of seed roast to create a beautiful sandwich.

5. Enjoy and eat more when required!

This is just the best, I have a few more up my sleeve though, to ensure that even those working on Boxing Day will have the best sandwich ever! 

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