Veg Revival

​Boxing Day is of course, a great day to get rid of all of your left overs, and that isn’t just food. If you have old toys that have been replaced with new toys, ‘old’ Michael Buble Xmas albums, that has been replaced by ‘new’ Michael Buble Xmas albums, or clothes that are going to be replaced in the sale, then pop the old things in a bag and take them to your local charity shop. Not only is it  a good way to ensure that they go to helping someone, but it is a sure way to kill hoarding. Hoarding is never good!

When it comes to Boxing Day food, my family usually have an array of pickled good, (including the fluorescent power plant looking jar – piccalilli). My two favourites are pickled red cabbage, which is a dream with anything potato based and of course, good old fashioned pickle.

I researched making pickles for the blog as it is such a tradition in my family, that I felt it would be nice to pass it on, but to be honest, we have always had shop bought and other pickles, can take a few weeks/months to reach their potency potential.

I would there for urge you go and purchase a jar other both and add them generously to  your plate of left overs. I felt that it would be a bit of a cop out if I didn’t give you a recipe today to go with the pickles, so I have gone for the vegetable revival option.

Don’t be afraid to store you veggies from Xmas Day to be eaten on Boxing Day, you can mix your mash and greens together for Bubble and Squeak – shout out to my Nan for making this one of my favourite things ever!

If you are wanting to revive the veg for eating on the 2nd day, then all you need to do is follow my lead. I have used peas and spinach in this recipe, but you can pretty much use any green veg you like. If you want Roast potatoes to come back to life, you need to get the oven really hot before you allow them back in for 10-15 minutes.

Ingredients – 

1 cup x left over spinach (cooked)

1 cup x left over peas (cooked)

2 tablespoons x vegan butter

1 tablespoons x garlic puree

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Method –

1. Add the garlic and butter to a pan on a low – medium heat, allow the  butter to melt and the garlic to blend well with the butter.

2. Add the spinach and peas and coat all over with the butter and garlic sauce, allow to be heated all the way through, though should not need more than 3 minutes.

3. Season well before stirring a final time.

4. Serve immediately.

The garlic and butter, create a second life for the veg and it really works well with sprouts also. Give it a go and don’t forget to email me or tag me in to your IG photos of veg revival!

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