Apple Crumble

​Apple Crumble is a classic and it is so easy to make vegan. You can make this ahead of time but personally, I like it to be served immediately.

You can use whatever apples you like, for this, you will get a change in taste depending on how tart the apple is, but this is all part of the apple crumble beauty. 

This is a recipe suitable for 4 servings, however, I always end up making one batch and then needing to make another as it really is easy to eat the whole thing! In fact, I don’t have a photo of this dish, as I had eaten it before I remembered I needed to take one!

Ingredients – 

4 x apples (peeled and diced)

6 tablespoons x brown sugar

1 cup x raw oats

½ cup x ground almonds

2 tablespoons x vegan butter (melted)

1 cup x water

Method –

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

2. Place cubes of apple in a saucepan with the 4 tablespoons of sugar, place on a low and stir well to ensure that the apple is coated in the sugar, before adding the cup of water.

3. Once you have poured the water in, stir again to ensure that the sugar and water are mixed and that the apple is not stuck to the bottom.

4. In a bowl mix the oats, almond and butter and bring to a nice even mix, so that all is coated in the butter and is blended well. This will give the apple pie as much more even crunch.

5. Place the apples in a baking dish, evenly across the bottom, then place the crumble mix over the top of the apple, ensuring that the layer is even, to ensure all is cooked evenly.

6. Bake for approximately 30 minutes, check regularly to ensure that the top is browning. The apple should bubble up the sides when it is ready.

7. Serve immediately for best results.

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