Mango Sorbet

​Dessert time for my blog posts and what a treat! Winter is a great time to treat yourself, I tend to want to still keep myself from plunging too far into sugary treats, but am aware that unfortunately, in order to have some yummy desserts, sometimes you have to treat yourself, just a little bit.

One of the greatest desserts for me, is sorbet. Not only is it really quite quick to whip up, in eating terms, it is such a great dessert to eat, to refresh your mouth, after a big dinner.

I have chosen to make a mango sorbet, purely because I love mango and I like that it is so naturally sweet, that you don’t have to add loads of other ingredients to it.

You will probably want to make this in advance, as it takes a few hours to make, but don’t worry, it really takes less than 15 minutes to mix, you just need to churn every hour or so while it is in the freezer, you’ll know when to churn as ice particles will start to form on the top of the sorbet. You should stir and leave for an hour or so, then repeat. 

I make enough for 4 servings, they are large servings, so depending on how much you plan to eat, I recommend a cup and a half of mango puree for 4.

Ingredients – 

1 ½ cup x mango puree

¼ cup x sugar

Method – 

1. On a low heat mix the mango puree and sugar until it is well stirred.

2. Pour into a tub, suitable for freezing, that will be used to store the sorbet once made.

3. Stir well once cooled and place in the freezer.

4. Leave in the freezer for 1 hour, stir well again.

5. Repeat step 4, 4 times, until the sorbet begins to become a smooth.

6. Repeat more times, if necessary.

7. When you are happy with the consistency, allow to free thoroughly. 

8. Serve immediately, or store in the freezer.

This really couldn’t be a simpler way to make a delicious dessert, with just 2 ingredients. You can use whatever fruit you want, just make sure that you adjust the sugar according to the fruit you are using,  if you are using a citrus fruit, you may need to add more.

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