Vegan Turkey

Finishing off the ‘Meat Alternatives’ section with a bit of a curveball. Vegan Turkey, is one thing, but vegan turkey burgers?Hmmm…. yes! They are absolutely gorgeous, they are super tasty and worth stocking up on. You can even serve them throughout the festive period to all of your non vegan friends, watching happily as they enjoy vegan delights, yes, of course this is all well and good, but the best part of them all, is that not one turkey will be harmed in the making of these ‘turkey’ burgers.

I really recommend popping over the Vbites website and getting a few packs of these for the up and coming weeks. I paired mine up with a wholemeal bun, toasted, naturally,  vegan mayo, a handful of peppery rocket and lots of cranberry sauce, but really there are so many options for a festive burger. 

When my next batch of Vbites food arrives, I am going to making a turkey burger with stuffing… will update when this has happened.

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