Veg Medley

Obviously, I am vegan. I eat plants and although, I have to indulge in vegan meats from time to time, I have decided to dedicate today’s post of meat alternatives to be,well,vegan, as being vegan is the alternative to meat.

I usually have my roast dinners, stacked full of veg and even though vegans meats are a great treat, should you wish to go ahead and have a plate packed full of roast veggies alone – I salute you!

Being vegan is the best choice for your life,it makes so much sense. The more you learn and grow with the person you will become from not eating meat and causing cruelty to animals, far out weighs the though of having meat on your plate, but as the journey to plants unravels, as most of you will know it changes so much more than what is on your plate.

That’s why, I believe that if you are making a roast for your loved ones this year, get them to try a vegan lunch, use meat alternatives or stay classic and have lots of well cooked veggies and jugs of gravy.

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