Dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen 

​Heddon Street Kitchen… oh my! I had such a great time, I think this is probably the best vegan dining experience I have had to date, especially as this is not a vegan restaurant. 

The staff could not have been any friendlier, including a Vegan Manager, who happily gave advice. They were attentive and helpful, but also as I really like, intuitive enough to leave you to eat your food in peace. I had a fresh pineapple juice when I arrived, which I followed with sparkling water for the remainder of the evening. I don’t think I had to fill my own glass once during the entire evening. The staff were so professional and completely dedicated to creating a memorable dining experience.

The portion sizes were generous and I managed to eat… technically 6 courses. The dishes were served in perfectly timed intervals and with the restaurants’ atmosphere it quickly became a impressive venue to spend an evening, with good conversation and food. The tables were far enough apart that conversations didn’t merge but close enough that the atmosphere had a great buzz throughout the entire evening. The decor works well towards to ambience of the setting.

As a starter  I chose to have Flatbread with Butternut Squash, Mushrooms and Caper Berries, which was absolutely delightful. The contrast between the caper berries and butternut squash, the flatbread had such a great texture against the mushroom. Needless to say I was a happy bunny.

For my main, I had Mushroom Risotto, like no other, it had such a rich abundance of flavours, such depth and  overall, goodness. I genuinely became upset at the fact I could not finish my risotto, as I’d become rather full from his quickly I’d began eating this dish. I had a generous amount of truffle across this dish… and my starter actually! 

It didn’t stop their, oh dear no, I then continued upstairs to the sorbet section, bad move….well actually a marvellous move,  not only did I have Pineapple Carpaccio with Coconut Sorbet that just blew me away, then I discovered that there were more vegan options. I had been shown by the wonderful Vegan Manager, what sweet toppings I could cover my sorbet in, Blueberry Sorbet that is, and it was divine! The Manager being very sweet and seemingly understanding of my want for vegan delights, planted  the jar of Oreo’s right next to me, it really was just immense. 

Returning back to my seat away from the wonderful sweet and sorbet array, was a sad thing. The sadness didn’t for long as in no time at all, one of the many attentive members of staff, came to ask what coffee I would like. Usually as you know if you read my blogs, that I always finish my meals with mint tea, but the lure of a decaffeinated Americano with almond milk, just began to make me think that the evening couldn’t get any  better.

I genuinely have never been to such a great restaurant in terms of service. The staff truly were amazing and I will be heading back before Xmas to sample some more sorbet. Absolutely brilliant and as I mentioned previously, this is not a vegan restaurant, but the attitude towards serving delicious, wholesome vegan dishes is spot on. 

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