Seed Roast

Well let me start off by saying that being vegan is awesome. There is no doubt it my mind, that I enjoy the Festive period so much more, now that I know no animals are harmed for my household to enjoy the season. Meat alternatives are great for the Xmas Dinner plate, they are reasonably priced and easy to get your hands on. 

I am going to kick start showcasing this section of the plate, with Vbites Seed Roast, which is priced at a modest £4.99. It is absolutely delicious, it serves 4 easily. I would recommend on stocking up on more than one though, as I willbe showing how to make the most amazing sandwich with the left overs.

It is made from sunflower and pumpkin seeds with the addition of chickpeas, mushrooms and leeks. Considerably healthier than meat and much tastier. Nut Roast is usually the vegan/veggie option in restaurants this time of the year, so have had my fair share. This is moist, it is packed full of flavour, and so easy to cook. DELICIOUS!

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