Almond Milk Mash

​Today, I’m not going to be thinking too far outside the box with mash, however, it is such a great thing to have in the fridge, to assist left overs, to feed the unexpected guests and also to serve as a tasty addition to the Xmas day meal. 

Almond milk mash is amazing! I know lots of people who make mash with almond milk, who aren’t vegan, but if you are vegan then it just shows that the vegan way is the best way.

This is really easy to make and just like ordinary mash, it goes along way, the difference with almond mash is that is has the smooth consistency of mash, without being too dense or claggy, which means, that a scoop (or two) will be absolutely fine, along with your roast potatoes (naturally).

Ingredients –

4 x tablespoons of garlic puree

7 x large red potatoes peeled

½ x cup of almond milk

½ x cup of vegan spread

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Method –

1. Chop all potatoes in to quarters and place in a pot and cover with boiling water and allow to boil for 20 minutes, or until tender.

2. When potatoes are tender, drain well and set aside for a minute off the heat.

3. Mash the potato roughly once, moving clockwise around the pot.

4. Add the almond milk, garlic puree and butter.

5. Mash the ingredients together, ensuring it is as smooth as possible.

6. Add the salt and pepper to taste and using a wooden spoon, place the mash back on a low heat and stir until wonderfully smooth and heated all the way through.

7. Serve mash piping hot, immediately, or store in the fridge overnight.

If  you are storing the mash to be served the next day, then reheat the mash slowly in a saucepan, it tastes much nicer and avoids all the nasties that come from the microwave.

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