Vbites Party Platter

​Welcome to the first day of my Vegan Festive Feast Countdown. From today until 21st December, I am going to be going through the essentials for a Vegan Xmas roast and also, the yummy non essentials that demand a mention.

For the next 5 days I am going to be focusing on Party food, showcasing classic vegan ideas for vegan foods to share, along with fun options for Xmas dinner parties or gatherings. Whatever the occasion, there is no wrong time to eat vegan delights, so lets get started with day 1…

We are starting with a wonderful party selection from VBites, they have some awesome party food options that are tasty and fun. Especially in tune with the festive spirit, there are options such a sausage rolls with cranberry sauce, mini quiches, mini calzone and turkey style burgers. All vegan of course.I usually would serve these with a nice peppery rocket and avocado salad and some cranberry sauce and English Mustard for the ‘dippers’ of the community.

They also have a range of party food, fit for any occassion which make a welcome addition to the buffet, in particular the vegan cocktail sausages.

VBites Xmas party food is on sale as of today, from their store directly, Ocado or Holland and Barrett. I have tried these with my vegan and non-vegan friends and all were impressed. 

It is a definite winner for stocking up the freezer and serving those unexpected Xmas relatives, or even for when you have your friends round on a Friday night, and need some nibbles to pair with the wine.

Please feel free to drop my an email or DM on IG to let me know your ideas for a great vegan party food. Pop back tomorrow to see what I have in store for day number 2 of party foods….

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