Festive Feast

​Being vegan at Xmas time is awesome. There are so many options that you can pile on to your plate, not only on Xmas day, but throughout the festive period and I will be even be guiding you through the ultimate left overs’ Sandwich and of course, a boxing day dinner that will not fail to impress your taste buds.

That’s why as of 1st November, I will be blogging daily until 21st December, with ideas and recipes for the perfect Xmas dinner, by the end of the emotional food journey, I will refine my favourites to reveal the ultimate vegan Xmas dinner.

I will showcase 5 ideas for each component of Festivity. 1 style or type of each component daily, 5 days per component, 10 components…

1 – 5 November – Party Food

6– 10 November – Starters

11- 15 November – Potatoes

16 – 20 November – Meat Alternatives

21- 25 November – Vegetables

26 – 30 November – Sides

1– 5 December – Sauces + Gravy

6 – 10 December – Desserts

11- 15 December – Boxing day meals

16 – 20 December – Left over sandwich Combos 

21 December – Ultimate Festive Feast

If that wasn’t even feasting to be getting on with, I will be reviewing as many vegan restaurants around the UK, updating everyday with a great Festive Bites to grab on the go or  restaurant worth visiting for a vegan Xmas gathering or a delicious alternative to staying in.  

If you have idea, feel free to drop me an email – plantbasedpiglet@gmail.com or DM on IG – @plantbasedpiglet  – full credit will go to you of course. Let me know your thoughts and of course feel free to try out any of the recipes and enjoy 🙂

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