​Season Shindigs 

I think Christmas may have been the first realisation for me, that animals are slaughtered for the sake of human celebration. That is perhaps why,  for me, being vegan at this time of year is such a  amazing feeling.  Not only are us lovely vegans doing our bit to ensure that animals are not killed to be on our plates, but also, we aren’t joining the millions of people gifting themselves heart disease for Xmas,  or any of the other yucky ailments that come with eating our fellow Earth residents.

Usually for my Xmas dinner, I make every vegetable worth roasting and cover the rest of the plate with my beloved stuffing and stack the vegan yorkshire puddings on top, before slathering with gravy. Before passing out on the sofa, followed by snoring until early evening, where I will make myself a sandwich packed with most things in my fridge and thr left over roast. However, this year, at 26, I shall try a more refined dinner. The main word in the last sentence being ‘try’. 

That’s why starting from 1st November, I am going to be trying all kinds of scrumptious ideas, to make the perfect dinner, for a vegan piglet. I will also be showing quick and easy ways to give to people on need, wherever you are spending Xmas this year,  there is always someone worse off and usually they are closer than you think. More to come on that a bit later on…

For now get ready for the ultimate Xmas dinner, if you have any ideas on what is a must for the Xmas day plate, then email or DM me with your ideas,  full credit will of course go to you.

Ultimately, Xmas dinner, is a roast dinner. It can be tarted up and put on a different plate, but it is essentially potatoes and an assortment of other veggies, with gravies and a plethora of sauce. I have been known to have mint, cranberry and apple on one plate, oh,  and mustard Dijon and English. This year won’t be any different.

I am going to be trying out the Xmas offerings from Vbites and generally eating whatever I can, from not until Xmas.  I’m not actually a big Xmas person, but any feast is worth doing well, right?

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