Lunch at Sofra

I had lunch at Sofra on Friday. I had been intrigued by the fact they claim ‘if it is not to your personal taste,  we’ll make the chef eat it’ .  Naturally, I felt it my duty to pop down and have a taste. 

We were greeted by a friendly face and seated immediately,  opting to sit outside, did not prove an issue, as they have sufficient heaters that made October in London, seem like Venice in September.

As soon as we say down,  we were graced with houmous and olives with flat bread – things wee looking promising. 

The menu works in two ways, you can opt for the main menu, which has options for vegans and a great selection of mezze, or the healthy menu. I went for the healthy option, as the mezze starter consists of 10 elements and this is complimeted by a main of your choice also. The 10 options for your starter can be changed to accommodate being vegan. I genuinely did expect it to be so delicious.

Falafel is one of my favourite things to eat, along with tabbouleh, this dish did not disappoint. In fact,  I almost forgot about my main…but not for long. 

They offer a range of fresh juice, I decided to go for orange juice, as I haven’t had a fresh orange juice for a while.for my main I had a barley dish, which is a healthier option instead of risotto. It had asparagus and oyster mushrooms in. 
I could not fault this meal, the barley was cooked perfectly, the asparagus and mushrooms were also cooked to perfection. I always know, I am going to have to revisit to eat here again.

After genuinely claiming ‘I can’t eat anymore’, I had been asked what I’d like for dessert. Obviously,  being a food reviewer, I would have been selling myself short,  if I didn’t eat all courses.. baklava it was. 

I love Baklava I have had it as a treat since I was a young girl, and have such fond memories of it, whenever I have it, it makes me happy. However, paired with a fresh mint tea, just made it 10 times better.

I always end my meals with fresh mint tea, it helps my digestion,  and leaves me feeling less bloated. It’s a handy tip for when you’re bloated after a meal.

If you’re ever in Mayfair or near Oxford Street and want something delicious and fairly priced, give these guys a go. You won’t regret it! 

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