Vegan Puff Pastry Pizza

Serves 4


1  x 500g block of vegan ready made puff pastry/ home made puff pastry

1 X 150g pack of Vbites vegan chicken

1 x  cup of cherry tomatoes

5 x cups of spinach (washed and thoroughly drained)

1/2 x  cup of base sauce, I use jerk barbecue, but tomato is fine or plain bbq, you’ll need a tad more for the topping.

Method –

1. Roll out the pastry to a 2cm thickness. curl the last inch of each side over on it self, to create a crust, and brush the base with the base sauce of your choice.

2. Place the pastry in a preheated oven at 110 for 15 mins, or until the pastry starts to rise.

3. While the party is baking, get the cherry tomatoes and half them.

4. After 15 mins, take the pastry out of the oven and pour the rest of the base sauce over the base, add the spinach, tomato and ‘chicken’, there really is no right or wrong way! Just make sure that the base coverage is even and that there is a bit of everything for everyone.

5. zig zag another line of the base sauce over the top of the pizza and place back in the oven for a further 15 – 20 minutes until all is cooked and the base is crispy. 

6. Serve immediately in 1/4 squares.

This is a really great dish for making more than one of, you can mix up the toppings and add whatever you like. I have played around with a pesto base and also a tomato base, mixing different veg and other seasonings. This is just a base recipe. Please send all of your wonderful creations for me to try. Perfect for lazy nights in, or as a carry snack that you can eat cold or hot.

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